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HotStumpff's RCT2 Scenario Pack Parks 1-10

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Welcome to HotStumpff's scenario pack for Open RCT2! These are the first 10 parks of my scenario pack. There are some money and no money scenarios, all objectives are used, time twister / wacky worlds content packs are used, and many different themes are utilized.  All parks are playable and beatable. Here are the parks:

1) Central Plains 2) Chilly Waters 3) Easley Heights 4) Burton Bay 5) Future's World 6) Caldwell Forest 7) Robot Pirate Island 8) Warped Tour 9) Pharaohville 10) Prehistoric Park

I will attach files to each park in this post as well as screenshots from some of the parks. Enjoy! More parks coming soon!

Custom 01 - Central Plains.SC6 Custom 02 - Chilly Waters.SC6 Custom 03 - Easley Heights.sc6 Custom 04 - Burton Bay.sc6 Custom 05 - Future's World.SC6 Custom 06 - Caldwell Forest.sc6 Custom 07 - Robot Pirate Island.sc6 Custom 08 - Warped Tour.SC6 Custom 09 - Pharaohville.sc6 Custom 10 - Prehistoric Park.sc6


Update: You will also need to download these path types listed here. Thank you to CharlieP for pointing this error out!





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Uploaded Objects Needed for Play
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In the future if you want to upload additional parks I would suggest to do what @X7123M3-256 said.

Go to the wrench page of the options menu and make sure that "Export plug-in objects with saved games" is checked then simply upload the saved game for everyone to see. That way ANY custom and other dat that someone doesn't have will be automatically uploaded when they open the game.

Then if they want play that scenario then can simply convert the saved game to a scenario.

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hi, where to put those Path items in folder? I tried some 'usuall' folders, but still got the missing object notice ingame.

I also checked the auto-download in Options, but OP doesnt find these items online.


Thnks for your help!

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