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Title Sequence parks

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I'm fairly new to the forums here so dont know if this has already been answered before..

But, does anyone know where i am able to find the title sequence parks on the current Open RCT2 sequence, (first screen is of a mine coaster thing)?

Not in the folder 'title sequences' if thats where they're meant to be.



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You can download the original version of that park here: https://www.nedesigns.com/park/3692/dynamite-dunes/

When I made the title sequence, I modified it slightly to work better, so you might enjoy it better if you use the link above.


If you aren't interested in the park exactly as the original author published it, you can find the park on your hard drive.

The title sequence parks are found here:


The .parkseq files are .zip files that have been renamed. If you have 7zip, you can extract them without renaming, but if you don't have it, you may need to rename the .parkseq extension to .zip before unzipping.

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