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Trouble attracting guests (RCT1 scenarios)

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I've been playing through the RCT1 scenarios and having a good time. At some point, I switched from dev to stable (0.0.7) and I'm not sure if that's the issue.

I've been having trouble with parks I never had a problem with when I played the game long ago. I've been finding it very difficult to get guests to enter my park. I can get some with advertising, but guests usually just stop coming in.  My park ratings are great, and I have lots of rides. I had to do Dinky Park 3 times, and took 4 tries to complete Millennium Mines. I'm on Mel's World now, and thought it would be easy, but I hit a wall.


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Indeed. Loading the sc4 file again should prevent any issues. It is possible to fix your save by setting the number of guests heading to your park to the correct amount, but that requires hand-editing the save file or some coding (adding a console command).

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