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  1. Going to the OpenRCT2 folder and deleting the "Bin" folder has worked for me in the past. Also in the past, I had trouble deleting OpenRCT2.exe. It would say I don't have proper permissions to delete the file (Even when I logged in as admin). In that case, I found OpenRCT2.exe was stuck in MalwareBytes and had to use process explorer to close that handle or whatever.
  2. A little late, this has been fixed yesterday in the dev builds
  3. I'm guessing adding more songs would need a new save file system so that the new songs assigned to rides could be saved. I've thought of this idea too and I imagine it will be put in some day.
  4. I just started up Thunder Rock and tried placing a food stall near the entrance and it tells me it is too low. I can't say when this started happening. This is on the latest dev build, but I remember seeing this quite a few days ago in Lightening Peak. Let me know if you need to know more. Edit: this happens with every ride/stall that I tried. Scenery and paths get placed just fine.
  5. Ah right, I knew I forgot something. This happens in v0.0.8 build cb28381
  6. I've been noticing a few odd things with worker patrols, but haven't really been able to recreate them. There is one I can get to happen any time though. Open Katie's World (RCT1 scenario). Go to the big coaster (The Storm) and select the handyman. Now place a patrol path. If it isn't just me, some other patrol highlights should show up. In my attached image, I only placed patrols over the paths.
  7. The thing is, when you start a vanilla RCT1 scenario, the cheat starts activated. I can't imagine it would be hard to activate the cheat when loading a RCT1 scenario, as it already detects it when starting a new RCT1 scenario.
  8. I've been playing through the RCT1 scenarios and noticed some oddness with the "Unlock All Prices" cheat. When you start a RCT1 scenario, this cheat is activated. It stays activated if you load another save game. But if you close the game, open it back up and load the park, the cheat is off. A side effect of this is that all the rides are set to "free", even when the park entrance is also free. So, even though I'm playing by only charging for rides, I have to activate the cheat every time I load my park. Of course I could just never stop playing so I won't have to bother with it. It's not a bi
  9. I started over and guests are flowing into my park again :D. Now I can relax while playing RCT again.
  10. Ah okay. So if I start over, I shouldn't have a problem? Unless I misunderstand imports.
  11. Looking around, I found this fix https://github.com/rwjuk/OpenRCT2/commit/bd08994948c52ff4bd265d2c7f737eafc7c51e74 I was wondering if this is what's causing me guest problems. Does my save have to be fixed or something? I switched to the dev builds and I am still having guest issues.
  12. I've been playing through the RCT1 scenarios and having a good time. At some point, I switched from dev to stable (0.0.7) and I'm not sure if that's the issue. I've been having trouble with parks I never had a problem with when I played the game long ago. I've been finding it very difficult to get guests to enter my park. I can get some with advertising, but guests usually just stop coming in. My park ratings are great, and I have lots of rides. I had to do Dinky Park 3 times, and took 4 tries to complete Millennium Mines. I'm on Mel's World now, and thought it would be easy, but I hit a
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