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Barrier Bay

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I feel I just phase in and out with staying on top of looking at my older posts... Eventually I'll respond to people. But for the time being, I wanted to share a new landscape I've been working on. This ones around the idea of a beach front aquarium with some outdoor zoo components. The scenario file is attached, along with some screenshots of the base scenario and what I've done with the park so far (Left off at the water coaster section and "Cabana Court" Want to finish the expansions before finishing the circuit). Let me know what you think - next part is a floatilla city around the water coaster. Eventually I'll give this scenario an objective, but until then  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Barrier Bay.sc6

Barrier Bay 2017-06-07 22-42-13.png

Barrier Bay 2017-06-07 22-40-05.png

Barrier Bay 2017-06-07 22-41-25.png

Barrier Bay 2017-06-07 22-41-50.png

Barrier Bay 2017-06-07 22-46-44.png

Barrier Bay 2017-06-07 22-45-40.png

Barrier Bay 2017-06-07 22-46-00.png

Barrier Bay 2017-06-07 22-46-22.png

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