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The Great Tales (WIP)


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It has been a long time since my most recent posts,lol.So,i made a pretty small theme park (WIP) with an adventure/magical theming.Here are some screenshots of the progress.. :D still working on the Egyptian theme tho591f332cd3cdb_GreatAdventures2017-05-2000-51-37.thumb.png.da6d6d7a7c34eaf919cbb62849cd6953.png591f327c9d7a3_GreatAdventures2017-05-2000-52-07.thumb.png.f8f6a71026143cec136357b43d0a46b7.png

--Entrance View & Coaster [The Expedition]

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Besides the area where the bridge crosses over the coaster and the cattlepen queue line,  I love it! In the area where the bridges crosses over the coaster you should really get the coaster not to glitch with any fencing or wall, cattlepen queue line speaks for itself I guess, I understand the reasoning but personally don't like it. Especially as there seems to be zero decoration there either.

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