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Scenario Editor Save Issue

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Thanks everyone for helping me. Looks like I have had a few issues in the past few days. Haha but the biggest one has been solved and I'm able to play the game. Ok but I've been trying to create my own custom scenario to start a Park. The saving options are a bit different then the old RCT where it just saves. Do I save in Default, Up, New Folder, New File or even Use system dialog Window?? Thanks guys I know this one should be simple have a nice day

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Hey thanks for the help.. Last night I had trouble when I was creating a Batman recreation with B&M supports and I was trying to save it. ( I have an extra park where I build all of the stuff with supports, maybe sandbox or some other mode could help out ) I've been playing with the features and they are all amazing! Invisible huts What!!! But my biggest problem is the save window. Ok so I just asked this and I still get it wrong sometimes, sorry I know zilch about computers. If one person can answer these questions I will be grateful 

1. Where to save game

2. How to delete saves, like a bunch of auto saves 

3. Can you add on stuff after you've spent a lot of time on a scenario, park? The old game there was times when you would start over


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  1. Just at the default location, which is in your Documents/OpenRCT2/save folder.
  2. Using the file explorer you can remove saves, old auto saves are automatically removed when there are more than 10.
  3. With stuff you mean objects? Use the object selection, which is available by enabling debugging tools in the options, then opening via the cog drop-down menu in the top toolbar.
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