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My First ORTC Park


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I wanted to create my first orct park and document it on the forums . To look back and see how cool this was .

Backstory: I played RCT2 since around 2009 and it has overall changed my childhood immensely. Although I didnt play this game alot beyond probably 2012. I can now say that orct has revitalized the game for me and made it tons of fun. 

The Scenario i'm using is named Workbenchland. It has no custom scenery or rides. It aswell as that can be played on vanilla RCT2 with no dlc. I dont remember where I downloaded it but its a pretty decent scenario for a starting rct2 player.

Anyways let's get into some screenshots of what I've done so far.


Overview of the park58d5bab35eaac_AtheniaPark2017-03-2420-13-49.thumb.png.cf61e92cdf9f23ce230e1feec5afaba5.png

A closer view of the park without any scenery58d5bb6c3a689_AtheniaPark2017-03-2420-13-58.thumb.png.641f31fe785a1e57f3c4a55607496cc6.png

And with Scenery


Thats all for now ;p

All comments and feedback is very much appreciated.

I might try to make a weekly update series or I'll just make an update whenever I finish an area or something lol

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11 hours ago, BlazingEmpireHD said:

Hey! Not bad! I quite like the station building of the monorail. Big and voluptuous, yet simple and nice.

I'm excited to see more!

Alot of the stations inspiration came from a timelapse i saw on youtube by a guy named grayd games


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I created a couple of extra designs before I created any sections of the park first. That being said the individual sections are going to follow a certain theme. I'll try to modify the designs of some of the rides using cheats but for now I'd say this looks good.

Onto Screenshots!58d6e40a0756f_AtheniaPark2017-03-2517-27-12.thumb.png.1ede70cfbc76455d87172c353163ba83.png58d6e41687472_AtheniaPark2017-03-2517-27-35.thumb.png.66e7937ea7a292d23f81bd55bbe416ef.png






Details: The Wooden Roller Coaster is called Wooden Point

Excitement: 7.83 (Very High)

Intensity: 9.26 (Very High)

Nausea: 5.41 (High)

The Go Karts ( Large building) is called Athenia 500

and the Launched Free Fall is called Insanity Jump.


Thoughts and Opinions are appreciated, Thanks :)

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Been awhile since my last post. Im planning on adding in a jungle section to the park. Though i havent gotten to work that much on it so far since ive got standardized testing this week for my high school ;P.

I plan posting this sunday or saturday. Toodles!

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Sorry about the wait, been through alot of stupid standardized testing in school and I was busy playing other games whenever I could. But I made time to finnaly work on something good


3 new rollercoasters.

2 new park areas

A bunch of new rides

and steve from minecraft (jk hes not in it)

Onto Screenshots!




Ok now onto the new rides

Skudya, The Hunter (looping rollercoaster)

Excitement: 7.76

Intensity: 7.38

Nausea: 3.61

Scum and Villany (corkscrew rollercoaster)

Excitement: 8.03

Intensity: 7.76

Nausea: 3.94

Explosive Conflict (LIM launched rollercoaster)

Excitement: 7.10

Intensity: 8.51

Nausea: 5.28

Theres also some other rides aswell and a food court

That's all for now, I'll make sure to update next Saturday or Sunday!


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