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Megapark coming soon!

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Sigh, it's about that time, aint it? Well, since the last 11 thousand threads for parks I have attempted to make have failed, I've decided to get serious and make park #11,001 a success, and actually finish something.

Currently, it's a two-man project that Ziscor and I are working on. It is entirely unfinished *so, do mind the unfinished state of some things*

It once again, has no name. There's also no preset date that it'll be finished at. Anyways, onto the storyline!

                                                                     **El Grande** - 1987
In the mid stage of this park's life, around 1985, plans for a new area arose. It was foretold to bring many new interesting rides and attractions. The park officials took a poll on opening day to see whether a general theme for this area would come to coherce. Opening day saw thousands of park daredevils and little coaster enthusiasts to the park. At the time, four roller coasters existed along with many attractions. Off of one of them, you could see the vast expanse This would arise four choices for the new area.
Thousands would come from all over the world. At the end of the season, the poll votes were tallied up and the four choices and it was shown that option number 3 - a spanish themed area, would be the park's new themed area. 
Statistiques were received and 25% of the votes would go to each theme. Spanish with 24,798 would win by just over a hundred more than a rome themed area. 

In early 1986, vast amounts of rumors befell the park as a new roller coaster had begun to go up. Many speculated on what it would be, and a few were right. CCI, or Custom Coasters International, had contracted the park the plans for a large wooden coaster to go up in the corner. 

It was suggested that the coaster be above 3,500ft and 110ft tall to outdance the four coasters at the park. 

Soon in August of 1986, the coaster's layout had been decided and the work had begun. It wasn't very long before a name would come out of dust to name this behemoth wooden coaster. Another poll was taken among several names for the wooden coaster including "Nitro," Behemoth," "Titan," "El Grande," and "Suedo."

It was quickly realized that El Grande would be the name.

Opening day, on May 5th, 1987, El Grande would open to the public.

A record amount of people showed up bringing the most on record from the park from 13,400, to 17,800.
Sadly, the only pictures of the behemoth prior to El Grande's change of paint do not exist after the fire that burned down the park's picture chamber.

 Along with El Grande, opening day saw one more attraction to the park. Something called a "Sunkin Heedge Gmbh" was added. While the overall reviews were good, the small attraction dubbed 'Butterfly' now has a very small reputation. 58d1fc68b800b_2017-03-1919-34-48.thumb.png.e08771776f91134a80a5e63fb4260c06.png



Stay tuned!

There's a download! https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/16405




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Next update! :D



**Aguila Loco** - Vekoma SLC - 1997

In 1992, a few short years after El Grande made the ranks at this park, rumours began to arise once more about the possibility of a new coaster to hit the park within three to four years. Speculation arose even further in early 1995 when pictures leaked of land being plowed.
The officials at the park contacted a few coaster architect companies. Information poured out from the bystander stalkers that noted that the officials were looking at Arrow Dynamics, the company who produced the park's suspended swinging coaster. As plans had begun in 1992, it was confirmed that Arrow Dynamics would bring the park a 'flying' type coaster. It had been named 'Quetzelqoatl,' but after the ride were finished, and open for only one season, the flying coaster crashed to the ground as an earthquake hit the park in late '93. Many coaster enthusiasts were crushed to know that 'Quetzalqoatl' had failed. it would take time, as park officials, after the collapse of the flying coaster, scrambled to find another coaster to build as the park was losing revenue from it's commercials for Quetzalqoatl. '96 brought promise. Names were strewn about in the head room of the park. Names such as Intamin and Vekoma were tossed around. It was eventually decided that Vekoma would sport a coaster. Enthusiasts wondered what Vekoma would produce this time. Shortly after the new year, leaked images made headway as it captured Vekoma's SLC trains laying sideways on the ground, near many bits of green track. Soon after, even though everyone knew, it was announced anyways. It did not take long to complete and the name 'Aguila Loco' which translates into 'Crazy Eagle' reclaimed the name. As a tribute for Arrow Dynamic's efforts on Quetzalcoatl, they stuck with the 'bird-like' theme, and also painted Aguila Loco's track the same colours as Quetzalqoatl. In 2009, the ride closed for the season for maintenance to repair a piece of track that was wearing too quickly. An entire new coat of paint entranced the now 12 year old ride for the 2010 season. As it stands, it remains the smoothest SLC in existence.58e316683ef8b_2017-04-0323-10-45.thumb.png.fe1e54e17b66c3b2ecf0edfe4165c4a8.png58e3166c52638_2017-04-0323-10-54.thumb.png.fea4afd12f95b6d2977736086ab853b6.png58e31670d6357_2017-04-0323-11-11.thumb.png.6e5a5bc6727b180d27e58b4fd7b52c39.png

**Car Ride** - 1997

Shortly after Aguila Loco opened to the public, Car Ride (Which had been sitting closed, and never opened since 1994) opened to the public for the same season. 58e316751648e_2017-04-0323-11-27.thumb.png.c0381bae3a72d3f512b2736d6cbb05fc.png

(Ignore the WIP-ness of this park)

That's all for this update! More to come soon! Enjoy.

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