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First ORCT Park - Pagoda Ponds


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I haven't played RCT2 in almost a decade, but someone mentioned it a little while ago and I got curious about whether or not there was a community around it. Surprise! It lead me here. So I just wanted to mess around with making my own park, this is a work in progress so let me know what you think. It's Asia themed, but I'm going to expand it to have a "Jade Mine" section and see what pops up from there.

A run down of the rollercoasters:

Samurai (Wooden):
Excitement = 8.32
Intensity = 8.14
Nausea = 5.02

Unagi (Dragon Corkscrew):
Excitement = 8.03
Intensity = 8.63
Nausea = 4.67

Japanese Steel (Gigacoaster):
Excitement = 9.19
Intensity = 6.70
Nausea = 4.28

Pagoda Ponds 2017-03-12 12-58-07.png

Pagoda Ponds 2017-03-12 12-58-16.png

Pagoda Ponds 2017-03-12 12-58-43.png

Pagoda Ponds 2017-03-12 12-59-00.png

Pagoda Ponds 2017-03-12 12-59-22.png

Pagoda Ponds 2017-03-12 12-59-37.png

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First of all: Welcome! :D I like the houses, they look nice. A few remarks though: since one of the houses is halfway over the water, it would make sense to add supports underneath, and I find the placement of the water lilies a bit too much. Try keeping them near the edges of the water, and in groups, and mix them with some other water plants. If you are interested in building parks with this community, you can join our group park, where everyone takes turns to build on the same park.

@cascadia There's a fast-forward button in the top toolbar.

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@cascadia I really like it so far! I love the in-game hill generator, so sad that they removed it from the original RCT2. I'm really curious on how to start using the custom rides that people have made and the custom scenery. The vanilla version is cool and all, but I'd love to see a tilt-a-whirl in one of my future parks.

@Broxzier I'll keep that in mind when I next work on it. I added barrels from the mining theme to the bridge and the dragon bumpers to look like bouyant supports, so it would make sense to try and add them to the sides of the buildings partially on the water as well for continuity. And I thought I was going a little overboard with the lilies too haha

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Download some of the popular parks on NEDesigns:




That should give you a large range of custom rides and objects since many of the top-rated parks make use of them.  Just put them in the object folder in your OpenRCT2 folder. 


You can also browse the archive.org copy of custom rides and scenery on RCTMart to get some:




There's also a backup copy of everything on the site:



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