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Minicoaster "Cars" and "sled" crash

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Whenever I try to add the Minicoaster with cars or sled vehicles to an existing scenario, the game crashes.


I tried:

- Removing all Custom Coasters

- Removing all variations of the minicoaster in the park and from object list

- Set option "Organise by track type (rct1)" to on and off.


Adding other rides, coasters and even other types of the minicoaster (like the ones from ww & tt) won't crash. just the "wildcat" car vehicles and the sled ones.

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Unfortunately it doesn't produce a dmp file. The game keeps crashing if I try to exit it since the newest development build, too.

I guess you'll have to recreate what I experienced:

Open the provided sv6 from the first post, go to object list, deactivate any ride and select the mini coaster with sled cars. then exit the object window. That's when it crashes for me.

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