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Scenario is Broken...

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I should have posted this a couple days ago, but here's the deal and the file.  This is a very new scenario I started and is very far from completion.. the problem is this. (yes, i'm still learning the new dev comnds (to me) to navigate the code) anyway, when I bring up the block counter (that's what i call it).. when all the blocks are outlined green, at the top side where the space them is starting, when I start to build ... this crashes....aaaand i dont think it should. Any input would be cool.. this final scenario will be 'Four Worlds'.... with 4 separate themes in one. I guess I should share some other work and i will.    


BTW.. i apologize for the crispy chicken post... although it was the most amazing chicken EVER... i got my tabs mixed up and bla bla bla...



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Hey Broxzier here's the dump file. It was located in the root documents folder for some reason and since finding this file I've found numerous other dump files all over the place (wrong folders) I need to fix that. As far as the block counter.. its the boundary tool that outlines the space that all objects occupy. 


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