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Wuis' Micro Park 2.0


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Micro Park 2017-01-25 23-35-27.png

Okay, small parks are always interesting because you need to cramp things together. Thought in this example it was rather stressfull...

After doing my 23x23 park, people were thinking I did the actual 15x15 without stacking and I've tried many times. But I mostly ended up stacking loads of attractions in the last year. So here I am with my closest attempt so far. All attraction in this park still have atleast 1 of it's own supports hitting the ground, so I don't really call it stacking. If you do think so, try yourself. :P  (Also, wasn't the original objective different, I can't remember it being so easy, the only problem I had was fitting a coaster where the corkscrew now is)

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