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Sending Props and Thanks

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Just want to take a moment to send Props and thanks out to all y'all who deserve a big HIGH FIVE!

I've been a big fan of RCT from the first week Chris Sawyer released it to us many moons ago and its one of my many legacy titles that has stood the test of time and (for me at least) has earned top respect as being "one of those games that just never gets old." Sure, you may not play it for a while here and there, but you always find yourself coming back to it for some new, and or some unfinished business and good times. 

Then to my surprise a few months ago I literally stumbled across the OpenRCT2 while searching for the easy answer to get rid of the black sidebars that Windows 10 conveniently introduced to the originals and I was stoked! And although I very recently joined the forums and still have a bit of catching up to do to get up to speed on the code, new goodies, tricks and tips, I am looking forward to getting to know the community and the awesome developers and contributors and maybe helping out if I can, when I can.


Thanks Again and Great Work!




aka, 50 year old gaming geek etc. with a lil Dev skill...CryEngine, Unreal, Valve, +...  bla bla bla..  


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