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Peeps not entering queue lines

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Now, I posted not long ago a bug about mechanics getting stuck in a path, walking in circles. Now my peeps won't enter my new ride ! 6 of them managed to get in, and then everyone went like "woaw can't find this ride's entrance" while they were right next to it. Now it seems like they just gave up.


The ride is "Golden Balls",  with the yellow tracks, in a corner of the map.


(If someone actually downloaded my save to see what it looked like, you can see I put a lot of time and effort into the game. This ride took me maybe 2-3 hours to create. So it's especially frustrating.)

Double Balls.sv6

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The guests are not going on Golden Balls because it is currently raining. This can be confirmed by looking at their thoughts: each peep that turns around at the entrance thinks "I'm not going on Golden Balls while it's raining." This is normal peep behavior. If you want to disable rain, you can set the current weather in the cheats menu and freeze it to that weather. I don't think there is yet a way to make peeps ignore the rain.

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I'm pretty sure it wasn't raining when I saved. I solved it by deleting and replacing the queue line twice.
Anyway, I still have that bug that occurs randomly on mechanics 4 and 5 where they get stuck. It really seems to appear randomly, and to solve it I have to pick up the mechanic and drop it somewhere else.

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I watched Mechanic 4 and 5 for a little while and they seem to behave normally.  They wander around until called and when called head to the ride.

I did notice that both these mechanics have got patrol zones set that could block them, in which case they will wander back and forth as if stuck.

One such patrol zoning that will block staff is as circled here:


In this patrol zoning it should be clear that the staff will be blocked from walking around the corner.

Here is another patrol zoning that may block staff:


Staff NOT heading to a ride will be able to walk though the half selected path.  However, staff heading to a ride might not be able to follow the half selected path.  This is because when staff are heading to a ride they follow a "thinned" path layout (in which all paths are thinned to be 1 tile wide), and if the side of the path in the patrol zone is the side that got removed by the thinning, the staff will be blocked from walking around this corner.

So make sure you zone all path sections the staff needs to walk through for the full path widths and you should have less problems with staff zones.

I also personally think your patrol zones are way too big, but you are free to play your way and I'm free to play my way :-)

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