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Endgame Savefiles (Befor-End-Savegames) - Complete Career/Scenarios


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Here are savegames of 'most' of the career parks as 'befor end' savegames. After you load a park, it takes a few secounds and it will end in a victory (usually saved at 31. oct. year X ). Some of them have lots of details and some others are pure efficiency. But all of them should result in a victory. Only use them, when you already have finished the career by yourself, otherwise you will be a cheater ;D. 

I know, that open rct 2 offers a "Win Scenario" button, but this project was started befor i had open rct 2 installed. And i just wanted to finish it. And maybe you like some of the parks in here.

The parks with unlimited time have also the most details (except for Sugarloaf Shore...). One of my personal favorite, that dosnt use unlimited money is: Inca Lost City. I also tried to keep the flair of each individual park. There are also parks, that i dont like. And it mostly has something to do, that they are boring. One of them is: Gemini City. There you have basicly a flat land. No Hills -> No Fun! (and im also not a fan of floating sci-fi roads).

From the difficulty perspective, there are two parks that i remember. The first one is: Icy Adventures and the secound one Jurassic Safari. The famouse Rainbow Summit was just ok, because as you will see in the savegames, my build order is based on flatrides and only a few rollercoasters. When i get a hight limit, i just dont care :D


Enough text. Lets get to the downloads:


(The Keys are in Red. Copy it and click on the image to get to the download)


Beginner Parks

            Download                    File Name              File Size               Download-Key

SCR1.png Taliis_01 Alcatraz.SV6                          1.2 MB        !NtWzVeRXGKPdJQDdWtQHsqQN1ZsXlhBX367MfPI2Qag

SCR2.png Taliis_02 Sherwood Forest.SV6            633 KB        !G1Fl0GbNEaMa2HE5__6-6Z2cSoyUWrkSu1C7YMzMfFY

SCR3.png Taliis_03 Woodstock.SV6                      873 KB        !IYR7fp0lQmNMmm9vDqHTJIs4__qIrOe9FdAPXuEXXy4

SCR4.png Taliis_04 Crater_Carnage.SV6              756 KB         !kUFbNmw-8WwYTk0a32gpjjr4rKXKBwV6ynQlzRRWoaU

SCR5.png Taliis_05 Over_The_Edge.SV6              968 KB         !faUYvFECiGYyMmFipZKF76BAuLD3IQ42LR88_PdjyXI

SCR6.png Taliis_06 Great_Wall_of_China.SV6      657 KB         !F3kTnwiRjKzi8eA1FPkiUwwlDzYkzCccnyQ-0E-GdO0

SCR7.png Taliis_07 Canyon_Calamities.SV6            965 KB        !Asj8CfipwrmzZG23RFIn24NvqM3sgd7yQlKeTihi-kA

SCR8.png Taliis_08 Sugarloaf_Shores.SV6              508 KB        !Wyghf-G0MCQclwNlGOwNQ0sw6raJVJ9b51SDxc9Ku0k

SCR9.png Taliis_09 Electric_Fields.SV6                   570 KB        !twVG1cuLVv_U8z2UcnVf8BjZYzISJ_rd8KuVVIRun-0

SCR10.png Taliis_10 Factory_Capers.SV6            845 KB        !-YmQ8BuZ_9_ISqLvUSYNYhrYqyYXYiFqJqhrCRc2Lbo

SCR11.pngTaliis_11 Crazy_Castle.SV6                838 KB        !Uakr24pFXRdR-cZlWouxJpCrHtYZux_xez3Ucx29mi4

Download Pack:      01 - Beginner Parks      8,62 MB   (click)



Challengeing Parks


SCR1.pngTaliis_01 Schneider Shores.SV6                       876 KB        !tyTNNobrrRPVPjAJbvPlv03dPyKGUghqMUBrRG9ShhA
SCR2.pngTaliis_02 Cliffside Castle.SV6                          805 KB        !0THBOX1nUaFVzGFVmLEMGbAlTmokfEMBcc6a9gKndjo
SCR3.pngTaliis_03 Animatronic Antics.SV6                    991 KB        !0VHGSaQWNKtECcU6yM1OsooLG3FV6ib9e56267sG3y8
SCR4.pngTaliis_04 Jurassic Safari.SV6                            1.2 MB        !FMLkkRWEG5zOXS7fMiZSA38lcDANXVHm7EdJ52Fsm4c
SCR5.pngTaliis_05 Extraterrestrial Extravaganza.SV6    1.0 MB        !KVzNeJ51nF3WD7O7iwJxoay60rQDdY9SWJTe--h96i4
SCR6.pngTaliis_06 Mines of Africa.SV6                          718 KB        !s0LfVoFXRoEhORb3kr0EX4gK1v98kAdThjjAOd1lViM
SCR7.pngTaliis_07 Park Maharaja.SV6                           694 KB        !L6cp5ZwcTFMUqc4qLLRppgpMBbozVOmVs2poOxilhBw
SCR8.pngTaliis_08 Ayers Adventure.SV6                        911 KB        !8-7p5sa93MH7Zos8gVldJmQ5Z9d1Gnc4CDeTuWeQINQ
SCR9.pngTaliis_09 European Extravaganza.SV6            963 KB        !HF7OdWOKlaBaDkYKUC3o_EhosU7TmXG6WKJceE3ovB4
SCR10.pngTaliis_10 Rollercoaster Heaven.sv6                 1.1 MB        !n0AMO9ygyWWPivzZ2KpYiA7IAwnZZAE_e_7IepOqiJs
SCR11.pngTaliis_11 Inca Lost City.sv6                             835 KB        !K65vPaqovV9LINRDiaUbCr9v2VY9Ij50stXMUfjLDjM
SCR12.pngTaliis_12 Amity Airfield.sv6                             1.2 MB        !6tdj-vBWVG413vsRJw7_xNtW2WUfaFDL0JQh4MIC9kI
SCR13.pngTaliis_13 Dusty Greens.sv6                             576 KB        !cTwS5Nbo--KLqS9SrCPX4wK-f3Kf8hAf9RmIN1SoRXA
SCR14.pngTaliis_14 Fungus Woods.sv6                           954 KB        !RVkzVlKXnPtClYNw8YBM40dc9Q4jEgmqfCWzgTa0u2M
SCR15.pngTaliis_15 Infernal Views.sv6                            1.1 MB        !6QuunNwjQvkPaUWOfRZs4diPwxpjrOBKDC9Il7R4KIA
SCR16.pngTaliis_16 Botany Breakers.sv6                         1.0 MB        !Hw5fAHu3eJuavUQSVpbTQ_OG77pdfHOVv30xY2_UFFA
SCR17.pngTaliis_17 Bumbly Bazaar.sv6                           494 KB        !nYIL3A9zkU3RNC64tS38yxKHsp-X3VaRfi0y2fu9o1Y
SCR18.pngTaliis_18 Gravity Gardens.sv6                          1.3 MB        !TiYac8CPe5Cwibx1sDzju9gEFpG60wVHxvCWSvsC1RA

Download Pack:     02 - Challenging Parks     16,4 MB   (click)



Expert Parks


SCR1.pngTaliis_01 Mirage Madness.sv6                 1.1 MB        !EgGVbd0a0C_QHhRteH4Em7HQgLa5fA6AiAkd-p48T8Y
SCR2.pngTaliis_02 Icy Adventures.sv6                   849 KB        !rzr4sfR07HZzGcJ5m03bwLnhrcgzLNFMGchTGYZRpFc
SCR3.pngTaliis_03 Okinawa Coast.sv6                    1.1 MB        !WAJMnjINau9noLVO-txPiuYNNifzxpm061GxvbJ6H4M
SCR4.pngTaliis_04 Beach Barbecue Blast.sv6        971 KB        !4QxHUb9Gd2eYWaPXjFaztaMOsjlaX0kUDxH4EqXPgiI
SCR5.pngTaliis_05 From The Ashes.sv6                  1.7 MB        !mxoa5GiIFQCKg54UKj2X_IvumQZjVmT9y4rBIMh_Ju0
SCR6.pngTaliis_06 Wacky Waikiki.sv6                     845 KB        !tCrdacJvxInV-K3kWlb_InGmCehDX43N40TrlfEof2M
SCR7.pngTaliis_07 Rainforest Romp.sv6                 786 KB        !AjbkQ9cqYHQj7B5jHOVYWwDV1DIrR9-8qCFkpPJyRpg
SCR8.pngTaliis_08_Metropolis.sv6                          663 KB        !KFx35P0JCP07dKxGpX2JDKx1ASMuJiAbqukYWkBWB20
SCR9.pngTaliis_09 Mythological Madness.sv6        752 KB        !F6LEn1WXTk-yFBb43K3pYgBlAbJ8UbQa-UbTs7GKLaY
SCR10.pngTaliis_10_Rock´n´Roll-Revival.sv6             873 KB        !YlMlK0xS-KOKq0ZZvD2zYuSqkn8dT7_pV-ynJDe2tYQ
SCR11.pngTaliis_11 Rocky Rambles.sv6                    717 KB        !KXsfz-iNIiFsGTUl0eIJJ7raFY9Qg3Qx8GHONKdW3QU
SCR12.pngTaliis_12 Gemini City.sv6                          1.2 MB        !z6xtWYHDUWhO2R7lb3XTZeM7pZ7sWirvbTZy92YnN68
SCR13.pngTaliis_13 Alpine Adventures.sv6              784 KB        !rrv27YjCyMfN-XaxHcOydcrt97A0nJ5eJY3n84UMQRM
SCR14.pngTaliis_14 Extreme Heights.sv6                 1.8 MB        !XbzGG6LgFgMcNOijuN8wDdCl9GJ1CUyOIWEglUKukCg
SCR15.pngTaliis_15 Ghost Town.sv6                        789 KB        !TAqYtLHOmToJMeTenw90rRQM0LZ4G3TMbIjgNpygrOM
SCR16.pngTaliis_16 Lucky Lake.sv6                          1.0 MB        !m0bhFHwnBkhW5ibtW8AsV2S2T-IzSg0WlPOo33KO9kQ
SCR17.pngTaliis_17 Rainbow Summit.sv6                1.1 MB        !7qiCbUfk9_udlD_dVL6P0-LDDK5NNz9fNRGYTAIa2IE

Download Pack:      03 - Expert Parks      16,9 MB  (click)



'Real' Parks



SCR1.pngTaliis_01_Six Flags Belgien.sv6                      1.4 MB        !LMcR10WZSS9ya933Br71f1JmQpgHXIk-dYCX173zryU
SCR2.pngTaliis_02_Six Flags Great Adventure.sv6        1.5 MB        !zd-hVo5M_g0GHBDK5vYH_VT-nEvCsV3tbCsNq9SWd0s
SCR3.pngTaliis_03_Six Flags Holland.sv6                     908 KB        !58Ap4Lo6SRQk1C6yKFlzcS0u52JVDJm9oy5-piL2als
SCR4.pngTaliis_04_Six Flags Magic Mountain.sv6        1.4 MB        !A6F8gRTGeaH-L7xOog7CRM89MG1W7cKvvwvPUa3UcsU
SCR5.pngTaliis_05_Six Flags over Texas.sv6                 1.4 MB        !HcNatSI3c0uDU6HDnGnksQYeR_DI12vno6gCmW6CrtY

Download Pack:      04 - Real Parks      6,68 MB  (click)



'Build your own ...' Parks


SCR1_p.gif Not Finished. ---> waiting for feedback of the other parks

SCR2_p.gif Not Finished. ---> waiting for feedbackof the other parks

SCR3_p.gif Not Finished. ---> waiting for feedbackof the other parks

SCR4_p.gif Not Finished. ---> waiting for feedbackof the other parks

SCR5_p.gifNot Finished. ---> waiting for feedbackof the other parks





Im not an expert in RCT2 and im more specialized in Nolimits / Nolimits 2. Thats why those parks dosnt look good. (yes, all of them are ugly as hell)

Hmm. What now... I have done this with RCT 1 and RCT 2 (and i dont really like RCT 3 -> that means, i wont do the same for RCT 3). Maybe i'll try to create my own career/scenarios  in rct2, too. But they they will be a lot harder than the original one. Something like: "Infernal Difficulty" or so. What do you think about this idea?


Thanks for reading and have fun with those savegames.

If something dosnt work, please let me know in the comments.

 if you like this anyway, then you might considering this: fnl.png

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3 hours ago, Nubbie said:

The passwords seems a bit unnecessary but will still try some maps when I get home :P 

Im using those passwords to navigate other users through Mega.nz and when i add the password to the URL, this message board seems to not convert the url properly (or i just had bad luck) -> This hoster ALWAYS uses passwords. But they also provide a high speed download for free. At least over 5mb/s.

Im also hosting some pretty nasty stuff for research there. To create a defence against malware, you first need malware. And this password-system saves other people from accidently download a wrong file.

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56 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Im also hosting some pretty nasty stuff for research there. To create a defence against malware, you first need malware. And this password-system saves other people from accidently download a wrong file.

Well that's .. nice, still, you could probably upload the saves on the forum xox

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