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How to make the cart go on the wrong track.

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To do so, enable cheats on and disable clearance checks. Then build two go cart attractions. Finish go cart attraction 1 then build a go cart attraction 2 that goes through the other go cart attractions track. When finished, test it and wait (also put race mode). After some time the cart on 2 will turn 90 degress and go on the other go cart track. This will lead to carts from 2 to go to the stations on 1. Pretty weird, huh? Its also funny to see carts immediately turn to the left/right and go the wrong track. To fix it, close go cart 2 and click on the construction button and close it. Then open it.

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I've seen this plenty of times before. It's not only with go-kart tracks, but every track type. The merge doesn't have to be 90*, it can be done at 0* or even 180* to get the train to turn completely around. To show you how useful merging is, here's a merge I used on the New ELement Server for Liampie's Great Inverted Boomerang:

Islands of Exploration 2016-12-30 08-29-22.png

The first merge I used was merging together Vekoma suspended track and B&M suspended track. Most simple merges only work one way; however, I merged this track specifically so it would work both ways.

Islands of Exploration 2016-12-30 08-29-38.pngIslands of Exploration 2016-12-30 08-29-54.png

I also utilized sideways merges in 2 other places, to get the loop to line up over the station and to get the second vertical spike spaced out from the first. The reason that there are 2 merges in each sideways merge is that each merge only works 1 way, so I had to use 1 merge for each direction so it works properly as a boomerang coaster.


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Here's an explanation to help you understand how and why it works. Vehicles check what track piece they currently are on. Each track piece has a start position, direction and slope, and an end position, rotation and slope. Take a straight piece for example, its start and end are on the same position with the same slope and same rotation. With a single tile turn however the rotation will be different, but the position and slope will be the same. The game uses these definitions to search for the next track pieces the vehicle will be on, and continues to do so for the entire track. The start position, slope and rotation of the next piece must match the end of the previous piece.

Now here is where the magic comes. With this information the game looks in the map whether the next piece is there. If it is, the game assumes that everything is fine, and so it continues. Now if there would be two or more starts of a track piece on that same position (same height) it simply takes the first it can find.

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