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  1. How do I see what exact software version I have? When I check it doesn't look like number.number.number-number and instead like number.number.number develop-build and some letters.
  2. So, today this topic was posted I was going to play openrct2 launcher. I go to online and I see this: As you see, my version is v0.0.6-develop build 1e6ba07 and not 0.0.6-29. And if I use stable it goes to 0.0.5 instead! Why wont my launcher use 0.0.6-29?
  3. To do so, enable cheats on and disable clearance checks. Then build two go cart attractions. Finish go cart attraction 1 then build a go cart attraction 2 that goes through the other go cart attractions track. When finished, test it and wait (also put race mode). After some time the cart on 2 will turn 90 degress and go on the other go cart track. This will lead to carts from 2 to go to the stations on 1. Pretty weird, huh? Its also funny to see carts immediately turn to the left/right and go the wrong track. To fix it, close go cart 2 and click on the construction button and close it. Then op
  4. I have these Qt5.dll files in the folder Openrct2 launcher:core, gui, network, svg and widgets. Are the files in the right folder and do i have all the Qt5.dll files?
  5. i downloaded openrct2launcher-win.exe and i clicked on play and it says im missing some QT5.dll files even if i have them? why is this happening?
  6. Thanks for the help! But how do I make really high buildings like Vinesauce Joel did (hes crazy)? I used corkscrew coaster, go carts and train, and everytime it says:its too high for supports. P.S i have looked in the cheats and i play it on a multiplayer server with a password. By the way i have swedish as language.
  7. I clicked on rct2open and said to tell me where the rct2 file is. I buyed rct2 triple thrill pack from steam (<---thats important) and it cant find the file! help!
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