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Nirvana Falls


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Hello fellow coaster fantics

I'v played rct 1 & 2 many years ago ... untill few weeks ago , i'v seen some youtube video's from open rct 2 and i thought that's somthing i need to try out. So here it is my first park in open rct 2

i know i'm not a pro like some others ... buth i'm still satisfied with the outcome

i'v taken some screens from coaster that turned out great ( my opinion ) ... still need to work on my scenery.

if you have some tips your welcome to post







Nirvana Falls part II.sv6

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Heya! It all looks really neat, and as Broxzier said, that red coaster is epic! As tip I could say that you might want to try some more odd shapes, instead of rectangular boxes try making a part sticking out, make a balcony or put roofs on different levels.

You should look for "Flux Park" on YouTube, it features many buildings that are all the same style yet really different.

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