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This issue arises because you turned zero clearance on. The reason why the game has clearance checks and a grid in the first place is to exclude configurations where it cannot determine in which order to draw the sprites. RCT2 is a 2D game with no depth buffer. All the game knows about the 3D shape of an object is it's bounding box, and even if the bounding boxes do not overlap (which they do, if you had to disable clearance checks to place it there), you can have a configuration where it is impossible to get correct occlusion:



RCT2 gets around this problem by splitting any object larger than a tile into tile sized pieces, so the above situation does not occur (you would have 6 cubes instead of 3 cuboids, and then you can draw them correctly). However, if you disable clearance checks then the cubes may overlap, and then it cannot be relied upon to get occlusion correct. The game knows nothing of the shape of the object, only the tiles it occupies, and the vertical space it occupies within those tiles.


Sometimes, you can influence the draw order by rearranging map elements in the tile inspector (I believe that would probably work here). If you can't, your only recourse is to move the support to somewhere where it does not glitch. There is no way to fix this without introducing a depth buffer, which would require replacing every sprite in the game.

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38 minutes ago, imlegos said:

If you reorder how the objects are in the Tile Inspector then it does redraw them in that order.

Not always. I've not yet worked out exactly when it works and when it doesn't, but it definitely doesn't always work, and sometimes it works but only from one camera angle. Steep slopes are particularly awkward - the distance between the place you'd like to put the support and the base height for the sprite is so great that it almost always draws the support first, no matter what you do. I just avoid placing supports there.

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