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RollerCoaster Tycoon: Classic (Android & iOS)

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1 hour ago, Fredfuchs285 said:

What exactly is the advantage of NUBS over bezier curves?

The main advantage is that you can do it one section. You can approximate a circle arbitrarily closely with cubic splines but you'll need more than one - a single cubic spline can't get anywhere close to a circle. I'd only use it if support is built in, because they are harder to implement (not that I've ever had to do it).


1 hour ago, Fredfuchs285 said:

And looking at the assets in RCT it seems that these arent always perfect either.

Rendering with reflections and shadows enabled really bothers me, but these are things a replacement graphics set could fix.

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RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic was ported to Steam today and can be downloaded for $19.99. Although, it looks like it's the exact same thing as the Android/iOS versions, at least the User Interface. -_- Hmm... Is the Steam version worth buying if I already bought the Android version (including all DLC's, which all adds up to $15.96)?

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