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Automatically open test results

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2 hours ago, imlegos said:

I'd say this'd have to be disabled litterally all the time on MP, or else you'd be getting notifications forever.

Also, considering the ride stats are refreshed whenever a ride returns to the station, it would probably pop up, even if it was open.


Maybe just allow players to set a ride to "notify" status that will pop up with new stats and that they can turn off after they're done with testing it? 

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I'm not the biggest fan out of this as making a window pop up in new players face/experienced players faces would probably often result in them closing it without even looking at it. Players who do care a bit (with the exception of people not knowing how it work/exist) would look at the scoring themselves on the coaster they have built.

Another problem is multiplayer, as this would indeed make a pop up from all coasters being built - people are already annoyed and complaining about crashing coasters popping up

I do understand you want it to be optional- but if it's optional, the multiplayer problem still precist and that would probably not help much

BUT if it's demanded, it could be made fairly easy

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