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Can we have a mouse drag option that moves the cursor with the ground?

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Firstly, I'm really amazed at how this project has come along so far. Fantastic work!

My main concern is that the way mouse drag currently works feels completely wrong.

For example, I move my mouse to the top of the screen, right click and drag downward, then I let go and the cursor is still at the top of the screen while my mouse has moved to the bottom of my mouse pad. This feels really unnatural and clunky because I have to drag, then lift my mouse and reposition it every single time.

It would feel far more natural if the cursor stayed at the same point on the ground while you dragged, so you really feel like you're dragging the view around and your cursor moves with it.

I hope you guys will consider this. Thanks again for your work on this great project!

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I usually don't release the mousebutton until I've placed it back in position. I do agree that it's kind of strange, but you'll get used to it. The original game had this too, and I don't think many players find it that annoying.

Looking at Planet Coaster, it does the exact same thing. While dragging, the mouse cursor stays at its position, so it's not something outdated.

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I agree though that it can be annoying to have to reposition the mouse. I don't use this method in OpenRCT2 (I just move the mouse to the edge of the screen,) but I have played other games with similar functionality. At the very least it should be made an option in the Options menu. I imagine "lock position of pointer when right-click dragging" would be an acceptable name for it.

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