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Man Of Teal Community and Game Servers

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The following post has been edited to show current site images...

Now that we have been up and running for a while I decided to share some information about ManOfTeal.com and the benefits of a unified gaming community.

Providing memberships for verification of players is not just to allow game server play.

Providing a base for keeping up with current activity, new rules, problems with servers, contest, etc.. 

Solving problems with players, or complementing them.

All this is essential for member continuity, getting to know the other builders and so on.

Our Home Page,




Photo Albums,


Active Builders Page,


Events section for Contest,


A simple page to point for basic server rules,


an active Discord page as well,


We welcome all levels of builders.

Members start out on a ground zero server to prove building skills with a "Verified" builder status or permission.

Once those are shown, perms are advanced to a more advanced level, "Verified +," allowing land and water controls.

As you progress you move up in servers the ultimate level of permission will be "MoT Trusted" allowing personal game "cheat" control.

The more advanced you get the closer you get to our Realistic Server; that is invitation only.

We are currently at as of this writing, a strong 814 members and growing daily.

Looking forward to the future of OpenRCT2 thanks to all the Developers that contribute to this project.

Thanks for reading.


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updated website images, member total
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I'm going to back you up here. I've been in ManOfTeal for, three, four days? In those four days, I've had a ton of fun. I met a lot of familiar faces and players I don't even know. It, to me, has enough potential to become a staple of the OpenRCT2 community. 

I might have only been here four days, but it is four days I won't forget. 

Some of you, may be up in arms about this thread being posted, I get that. I was skeptical too. However, once you see how much of a passion/community Man Of Teal has, you won't regret it

I've watched Man Of Teal from a distance without ever joining. Now I feel stupid that I never joined until now. It's a lot of fun, and a great way to meet new people as well as build fantastic rides, or just simple, RCT1-esque rides. 


Just in four days, I've made a lot of progress I feel in this little "sim" world. I do feel like Man of Teal is getting better each and every day. The amount of growth Newton has received in the last few weeks is exponential. On discord, there's around 60 people in the server group. You cannot tell me that there is not one person in that group that you cannot connect with. 


Anyways, if you've been thinking about joining Man Of Teal, and haven't yet, do it! You won't regret it!

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I'd like to thank all the MoT members for the most amazing past year! Yes ManOfTeal.com is one year old today! Starting with one server and now able to put up to five servers online for contest, co-op builds and more.

We have a lot of website members, 814, not all are active but come and go throughout the year.

I have to give a big thanks to the admins that make the actual place work for you all. 60trainhunter, disembodiedsoul, RoytheDragon and several more are the wizards.. thanks guys! As we look forward I hope there are many more advances in the options the developers bring us.

Let's not forget this all couldn't happen without developers that work on this project for FREE! Thank you development team!

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How to Install the Man Of Teal App

How to get a "1 Click" solution to access the  Man Of Teal Website on your phone.

Note: Currently, this is only a solution for Android Phones. We'll be working on adapting the App in the future for iPhones.

Step 1:

Install and Open Chrome Browser

Step 2:

Type ManOfTeal.COM into the browser and go to the site.

Step 3: 

Click on the 3 dots in the right-hand corner of the screen for the options drop down menu.

Then choose the Option: "Add to Home Screen"

 Add to Home Screendtk7llyqmjemwbrspwxbtpgbqqx63hqw.pngaefkuaxdaxsjmm3taakbtbyfknwywulb.png

Step 4:

Go to your home screen on your phone and click on the Man Of Teal Icon.

Click on Man Of Teal Icon



You now have a one click solution to going directly to the Man Of Teal site on your Phone with just 1 click!

Please share this with people on all of your social media!

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You’ve been building your dream park of the century, setting up shops, depots, playgrounds and entertaining millions of tiny things that look vaguely like caffeinated humans, if humans were an arrangement of 16 pixels that is.

You’ve mastered the birds-eye god mode and made a virtual fortune. And yet, you are all alone?

Even the multiplayer mode is depressingly limited to the game itself. Time for a change! You’re not alone! Join Man Of Teal and share your passion with your fellow builders, well beyond the walls of  OpenRCT2.

Show off your creations, gang up, ask and learn, help newbs and advance the noble cause of being Roller Coaster Tycoon!

#openrct2 #rollercoastertycoon2 #rct2 #rct #openrct2community
Join today and play! Or come back and check all the new website features new faster game servers. ManOfTeal.COM

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Another update on Man of Teal Gaming Community.

We are now going on four years running. Site membership has slowed as well as players online. 

Has the multiplayer project lost it's momentum?

Let's hope not.

We've added a few new features to the site, a point system with levels and a new messenger service that is "live" and much easier to use.


It works just like Facebook messenger. We also added push notifications to the site and messenger. Help is almost immediate now.

point system with levels and rewards.JPG


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