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Another game-breaking bug

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Now, I'm currently unsure whether this has been patched or not, but it is pretty severe. The most recent build I have ( 6b4def9156ca7b5a00b88c490c54d30cc95c54ef) (posted one day ago) has got a bug in it where certain saves of your game/scenario will not load, regardless if it has valid data (all of it) or not. However, auto saves for some reason, will load. 


Unfortunately, if you're not using autosaves, any progress you have made will be lost, should this bug arise. Fortunately, in my case, I had autosaves on so my hours of work are not lost. 


Like I said at the beginning, I have no idea if this has been interpreted/discovered and/or put as an issue over to the devs, however, this can be game breaking if not fixed. 


I'll do some more testing on newer builds in-case this is still a factor for the most recent build. Any tips or comments are appreciated as well.

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