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Short Question about ExactRCT1Recreations.zip


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I copied everything from Scenarios to my scenario folder and everything from objdata to my object folder.

Now I notice that I can set the park entrance price in the recreations scenarios only on the Evergreens Evergreen Gardens map, is this so intendet ?


And while I copied everything from objdata to my object folder I must override files that where already in the object folder, what did I override there and was that necessary?



hf, great game  : )

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RCT2 doesn't allow setting both the park entry price and charging for rides (it is a planned feature). For now, you need to use cheats to do that. Check the cheats toolbar item in the options menu and you'll find a golden shovel in the top toolbar in-game. That's the cheat menu.

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I don't understand what you were copying. OpenRCT2 uses the vanilla RCT2 game to operate including the scenarios, saved, tracks, landscapes and objdata folders.

The object folder under OpenRCT2 will pick up any new dats that it comes across. There is no need to copy your old RCT2 folder to the new, and yes you may have overwritten files in OpenRCT2.

My suggestion is to leave your vanilla RCT2 folders alone, delete your OpenRCT2 folders and re-install OpenRCT2.

Any NEW scenarios you create, saved games, and track designs using OpenRCT2 will appear in the OpenRCT2 folders and not in the vanilla RCT2 folders.

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