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I play this game and like it but got a question.

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Ok thank you. Reading the github limit page, i tought off something in my head (that is a thing RCT3 had in the base game) selecting multiple entraces, and using them, i tought that would be fun and handy, like when you use the classic entance ass main gate (if you don't make a custom 1 with invisible entrace) and 1 like the red gated 1 for a second back or side entrance.And if the limits get higer may some 1 can make a program to convert cso/custom rides/stall etc to the new format.

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Please put a bit more effort into your posts, they are hard to read and make sense of at times.Don't expect multiple types of park entrance in one game to be implemented soon, if at all. It might be a possibility when we switch to our own formats, but that will take a lot of time still.Regarding conversion of existing .DAT files: when OpenRCT2 switches to its own formats, it will either retain the capability to read old .DAT files or include a conversion tool.

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