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So I have an ugly park with people that never want to leave, and the usual rides are just not going to cut it for someone who spends 5 years in a single park while riding on at least 200 attractions in rapid succession.It was time to spend some of my piled up cash to blow everyone away. The stupidest and sickest of all attractions.It is the longest, most uncreative and most expensive ride I ever made, it is the circle of life, the icon of greed and tedium. Behold: THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE[jpg]http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/432697860700351487/1257301341C3C83C5F7F85638CCD6D4FFE7A76D0/[/jpg]It draws in everyone with an excitement rating of 10 and a low intensity, they pay a ludicrous amount of cash for it and when they ride it, their happiness maxes out.Halfway through though, they all just want to leave.As soon as they exit the ride, their wicked grin turns to a frown, for they realize that THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE is just a metaphor for life itself. It goes up and down, it seemingly drags on forever, after a while you don't expect it to ever end and might even wish for it to stop, but before you know it, it's all over and someone else now has your hard earned 10$ in their pocket.

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Srsly I can't edit or delete my posts? Ack I messed up big time x_xDon't judge me, my dropbox is pretty lazy and unreliable when it comes to sharing links.Anyway, here it is. View imageWith this thing I'm able to piss off people hard enough to make them leave. I made sure that the exit pathway leads right to the park entrance, too. It's really polarizing, some people keep their maxed out happiness and might even want to ride again, while others immediately drop to zero after leaving the ride. Poetic.

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