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A Few Beta Bugs

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Hello there, i installed the new testing version, and i found some bugs fairly soon.1. All special track pieces are available from the menu even when they shouldn't be (Helix on a upside down section).2. Path Decor items do not have a working ghost version when placing.

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(POST EDIT) 3. When launching the program, the Chris Sawyer logo and the RCT2 logo will flash and have slightly messed up pallet. also, when re-sizing the window during the intro, the top right corner glitches up and shows what would be there when the menu appears (A guest and option button).

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(1) Cannot reproduce. Could you give more information, like the actual track type, and a screenshot if that helps?Actually, I can. I'll look into it.(2) Thanks, I'm going to fix or report it.(3) We're aware of that. It is the reason why the intro is disabled by default. It hasn't been working properly since the inception of the project, really. It can't handle resizes of the window very well either.

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