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I have discovered a bug.

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I am pretty sure this has been a bug before and has been established and removed, but it is back. I have even had this bug before.


I am having a problem. It's not exactly game breaking...  but, you can't check any ratings of any coaster/flat ride. Usually, you click this button and goes into the ratings section, I click it, it doesn't do anything. It's sort-of game breaking, and not. (I am not sure if there are other bugs involved with this as I have not yet checked). 


However, it could be that one of my files have gone corrupt,*again.* I am not sure whether it's a new update bug, a corrupt file, or something else.


I came back to let y'all know that this 'bug' has revived itself and is back for a vengeance! By...uh, not letting me check my ratings. VENGEANCE I TELLS YA! Seriously though, this is an actual bug. 

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Alright, interesting. I'll have to try that out soon. The problem on multiplayer was that I couldn't see my own ratings for say a coaster, but on top of that, I could no longer see everyone else's ratings either. 


Even though it isn't serious or relatively game-breaking, this still doesn't fit right if you're trying to have 100% flawless 100% of the time. Haha, it's not going to work like that. Oh well, I'll see what I can do.

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