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Skyrocket II trains?


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Would it be possible to recreate the trains? Yes - most train types can be done in RCT2 (the ones that can't are things like that ZacSpin, which would need new physics code to make work properly. If the train doesn't spin or flip, it can probably be done). In fact, I found a nice diagram of the train (with dimensions!):



Also, the Giovanola hyper trains make a better substitute for this than 6 seater wooden - they have the vertical twists, but still lack heartline rolls.

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I've not seen an X-car train around either. Considering that RCT3 has just about every train in existence, and then several completely made up ones, I wonder why custom content for RCT2 seems scarce by comparison. It seems RCT2 players prefer to hack in the closest vanilla train, even if that train doesn't look anything like the one they're trying to make and it doesn't even have the right sprites for the track layout.

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It's probably a lot harder to make custom content for RCT2. With RCT3, it's pretty easy to make CS using google sketchup (because unfortunately you can't do it with autodesk), while RCT2 requires you to draw a ton of sprites, pixel by pixel, if you don't have the rendering software that people such as you use. Also, RCT3 allows for much more custom content, at flat rides aren't defined by frame counts, you don't need a ton of different sprites for different train animations, and you can even make new track styles and pieces.

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There's no reason why creating custom content for RCT2 has to be more difficult than for RCT3, though I will agree with you that it is far too limited when it comes to flat rides and track pieces. Nonetheless, there's a lot of rides that are really good candidates for a custom train, such as this one, and it surprises me that there are so few in existence after people have been playing the game for over a decade.

It's true that RCT2 requires an extra step, but rendering the sprites doesn't take long - if you can create a 3D model you're most of the way there. Once the model is done, making the ride only takes a couple hours or so, and it can be quicker if you just leave some values as default. Making a good model takes a while, at least for me, but it doesn't have to be as detailed as it would for RCT3. I started working on my current project on Thursday, and expect to finish modelling tomorrow. I usually spend longer taking screenshots and uploading the finished file than actually generating the .DAT.


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