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Merging rides makes available vehicles fewer

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Did you change the operating mode to boat hire? In testing, I found that changing the operating mode will cause this, but track merging alone does not. The splash boats and log flumes have the available number of trains counted differently to many other rides - it is dependent on total track length rather than station length. Switching to boat hire mode makes it require that all trains can fit in the station, as is the case for the boat rides. It seems strange to me that the choice of operating mode affects this, but it seems that it does.

I am not sure if this would be considered a bug, but there is a straightforward workaround - don't change the operating mode.  The only advantage of boat hire over continuous circuit for this ride is that it makes the merge a bit easier to perform - they otherwise behave identically.

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No it still use the default operating mode in the splash boat. As I said, with 3000ft long track, 70% still belongs to splash boats' track, but it only allows me 3 boats.

Look at the picture comparison

Seven Flags Oberstone 2016-08-31 21-48-04.png

Seven Flags Oberstone 2016-08-31 21-50-39.png

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People I found a solution that is not perfect but enough to give the ride more vehicles:  The count of how many vehicles available is calculated by the track length from station until the first time a merged section is used. Which means in my case to give more boats, I need to redesign the ride in a way that the steep lift hill comes later in the ride rather than early.

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Still can't reproduce - I built a splash boats with the merge immediately after the station, no change in the available number of trains. I do get the behaviour you describe if the splash boat track isn't a complete circuit, but I'm assuming yours is because otherwise you'd have had to change the operating mode.

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