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Crash after closing object selection in scenario

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Hi, I've been playing in my scenario, and wanted to select different rides from the object selection, and after closing it, the game crashes.

I've tried selecting different rides, and does the same thing. Here's a screenshot and dump files:

(Sorry if I'm not informative enough, I'm new to forums. :P)

Edit: I've tried doing this in other scenarios, and still does the same thing.




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That message box + dump used to provide all information the devs needed, but now 64-bit builds are released it doesn't anymore. Are you using the 32 (x86) or 64 bit build? (you can find this in the lower left corner of the main menu) Does it matter how many objects you select?

In case it's the 64 bit build, does it also crash if you use the 32 bit build? (I recommend using the 32 bit build anyways)

I can't reproduce this (yet)

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