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Map glitching in Whiskey Station server

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Hey all. So while I was looking at some rides in Whiskey Station, I went to the edge of the map, and saw that it was glitched. On the edge of the map, it appeared to be copying rides/stalls etc. nearby. In some places it was seriously glitching, in others it was not. I took some screenshots to show you:





Whiskey Plains 2016-08-08 21-51-32.pngWhiskey Plains 2016-08-08 21-51-38.pngWhiskey Plains 2016-08-08 21-51-59.pngWhiskey Plains 2016-08-08 21-52-28.pngWhiskey Plains 2016-08-08 21-52-35.png

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It just doesn't draw anything there which means that anything that was visible there remains visible until something else is drawn over it. The map edges are corrupt which causes the terrain walls to disappear. Making the map one tile bigger and smaller fixes it.

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