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Error connecting to some servers, problem with sprite 65535

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~50 new development releases since this issue was first reported and it's still a massive gaming breaking issue. I cannot run a server for more than 15 minutes before it crashed due to this bug. The crash is somehow triggered by users in ride properties.  I feel some online users know how to trigger the bug and use it to maliciously crash servers.

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I opened a server for me and 2 friends of mine, both connected, one of them got a message saying something about a fail in network synchronisation and not even 4 Minutes later my game crashed trying to get sprite 65535. We tried again, same thing. Below are the dump files from both occurrences. After that problem, one of the two opened a server, we connected and only thing we got was a fail in network synchronisation, not too hard though. We were, whyever, able to play.





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The "network desynchronization detected" message just means that the client's game and the server's game don't exactly match up. Usually it's something insignificant like not all the peeps being in the same place or a coaster's timing being slightly off between the host/client. It is almost certainly not connected to the sprite 65535 error. In the future oyu and your friends can just ignore the desync message.

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I actually haven't seen this particular error message in at least a week. Are you on the latest build or have you not updated for a while? And disabling the ride properties permission doesn't make the game unstable- it just denies people in that perms group from editing anything in the ride properties window.

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Screenshot (12).png

Ok this is getting ridiculous. I don't know who's hosting these servers, but it needs to stop. Seriously, there's no need to try to get people to spam the forums for a glitch. If you're not f*cking happy with it, just play stable build. It's as easy as that. You're not helping them fix the problem at all. You could be giving the devs the dump files instead of bitching about it with your server name. It's incredibly immature.

I mean I want this fixed as much as the next guy, but this is not the way to go about doing it.

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20 minutes ago, mozar said:

I'm not sure who's doing that

Screenshot of the .sv6 file of the dump you provided:

Screenshot (13).png

Screenshot of the "bitch on the forums server":

Screenshot (14).png

Also, both servers have the exact same host name and permissions group. I understand you want this fixed, but please stop this. It's immature and unnecessary.

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