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can't save and load track designs

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3 versions ago i could, but with today's release of openrct2 i am having trouble either saving or loading custom coaster designs. The game is saying "can't construct  this here" after i save a design and only the white "base squares" on  the ground are showing, not the entire ride when i drag or move the ride.

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A couple of things to look for:

1. Do you own ALL the ground you are trying to build on? If not go into sandbox mode and set the ride.

2. Is the area you are trying to use flat? The coaster may have been saved on flat ground and you are setting it a hilly area which will be beyond the tracks' parameters. Along the same lines if the ride was built on hilly terrain, you may not be able to build that high where you were planning.

3. Was ANY part of the original ride underground? If there was you will have to use zero clearance. It will show white because it is trying to build everything above ground which again may be beyond the tracks parameters.

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