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Russian localization


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I've found plenty of translations for this game in options' menu, but there is no russian language, though the game was translated into russian too(maybe not official). Anyway, i hope there will be russian language as well. I can even help you to translate it into russian(but someone will have to do all the programming stuff, 'cause i'm not that strong in programming)

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You can find all information about translating the game on the /OpenRCT2/Localisation GitHub repo.https://github.com/OpenRCT2/Localisation (Click here to create a new file)So in short: All you need to do is take the english_uk.txt file (here, copy it in your new file) and start translating. Make sure to keep the stuff between curly brackets {}, they will be replaced with variables. For example: {WINDOW_COLOUR_2}Cash spent: {BLACK}{CURRENCY2DP} would become {WINDOW_COLOUR_2}Geld uitgegeven: {BLACK}{CURRENCY2DP} in dutch.Also, make sure to push to the repo once in a while. This way we can monitor how far the translation has progressed. Other people who speak Russian would also be able to translate or improve the localisation file.If you have any questions, just shoot :)

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I know this seems a bit like a necro of a relatively old thread, but I'd love to help with this if you need it as I'm studying Russian at University and it would be good practice - And I've got a Russian friend who's interested in the game but doesn't speak a word of English, so I'd like to help him out :)

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sure, why not?)but be careful, a lot of staff needs to be translated not literaly(that's because we have our own names for coasters, for example)by the way, i wonder if ciryllic font will be shown correctly, because when i had chosen polish language, i've noticed that instead of some letters there were question marks

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Hm... i've found that somehow we are translating two different files now. I mean stuff which has been translated by spencer, is not showing in my file. To see her changes, i have to go into her profile on github. That makes difficulties for translating, 'cause there is a good chance we will translate the same text

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