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As always, this idea could already be in the game in a place I haven't found yet, but it would be nice to have a budgeting system. TheFrench mentioned this, and I had a few extended ideas on the topic.

What I mean by budgeting is setting an amount of money for each player to be able to use. For example, if me and three friends wanted to start a park with $10,000, I could set it so each of us had a limit of $2,500, no matter how much money we make in the process. If we hit the limit, I would just have to either hit a button to give another $2,500 or set a different amount for each player.

Of course, if one person doesn't have a limit and uses all the money, there'd be a problem. Unless (and this could be a checkbox type button) when players were given money it was considered untouchable by any other player besides that person. So if I gave $2,500 to all my friends but didn't set a limit to me, I'd have whatever was left over and their money wouldn't be able to be touched by me.

You could also check a box to give players an equal or different percentage of the total money, so whatever money is made goes into the players' budgets. In the previous example, I could give my three friends and I 25% of the total money as a budget. Initially we'd have $2,500 to spend, but if we made another $10,000 we'd get another $2,500 each to spend.

You could track this by a second finance bar above the current one in the bottom left corner. If I set the budget to $2,500, my money used would draw from the budget funds and if I ran low I could give more money from the total money. Same goes for percentage.

Also, it would be cool to be able to budget how much money is spent on each aspect of the park (rides, scenery, land, water, etc.). This could either be set money amounts or percentages.

I know there's a display on the finances tab that tells all the money spent in that month which you could track manually, but this would be a quicker way to make certain you don't spent too much on something.

Anyway, like I said, it might already be somewhere I haven't seen, or it may be impossible to work into the game. I know nothing of code or anything myself, so I could be operating from ignorance here.

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Although most likely being talked about at least once, I'm pretty sure this hasn't been implemented yet. If you can't find this (or something similar) on the official issue tracker on github, feel free to post it there (or leave a thumbs up if you do), or wait for someone else to do that.

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