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Be nice to nubies

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I have observed that sometimes some of us are a little to critical to those who are new to OpenRCT2 and have a problem. Just remember when you first came into contact with OpenRCT2, were an expert right off the bat or did you have questions and difficulty getting started and had that deer in headlights look!

Remember a good troubleshooter tries and get as much information as possible on the issue BEFORE providing a solution. A wrong answer may be one which may lead the person you are trying to help astray and confuse them more. You may be very computer savy but the other person may not be and there are many things that differ from the vanilla game we have played (some of us from the original RCT game.

How many of you know that Diamond Heights was originally a demo to see how the game would take. That is how I got hooked - that and having a passion for riding rollercoasters (my first at 7 yo in1955).

Try and keep thing simple and EXPLAIN what is wrong and HOW and WHAT STEPS to take to solve their issue.

Thus ended the lesson weed hopper.

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The same thing applies for the other way around. Provide as much detailed information as possible, we can pick out the bits that we really need. In most cases going through the steps they went through is the best thing to post, so that we can reproduce it, or see where you went wrong.

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