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Wilburg's Simple Trackpack 01

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Hello my Fist simple track-pack is here. All the coasters in this pack contain no scenery and colors/entrance style can easenly be modified. It's currently colored for use in a jungle theme as that's where I made the coasters.

Download: (Make sure to click the right button, me or the uploading website aren't responsible for people clicking on adds.




Jungle Turns (Flying Corners Coaster)


Flying Mamba (Mini hanging flight coaster)


Go 82 (LIM Launcher Coaster)


Tropical Flower (Hypercoaster)


Twistower (Spiral Coaster)


Double Circle (Wooden Coaster)


Orange Beast (Wooden Coaster)



Have fun with it, love to see some comments on the coasters as well!


Regards, wilburg22

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Those are all well-designed coasters that don't take up too much room in a park. GJ on that.

However, they don't stand out. They are compact, but not super compact. The design is good, but not extraordinary. And if you want the coasters to look great, you'll need scenery.

So decide for yourself what you want to do next (small footprint, great ratings, good looks or a mix of these) and keep trying. I've been pushing myself to the limit with coasters on tiny footprints and built over a hundred coasters already (link). I'm pretty sure you'll manage to build great stuff soon, just don't give up (I'll start the next compact coaster contest soon, I'm pretty sure you'll like that).

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Yeah I was kinda bummed I wasn't in the opportunity to create an account when that was still there. :P


These coasters weren't meant to be compact, just managable in size. The next pack will include some scenery and hopefully I keep improving on the ratings. The tiny footprint wasn't the goal here.


Thanks for the feedback btw!

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