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Faster Game Speeds?

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I was just wondering if there was a particular reason the game speed stops where it does when increasing it.


Like why not allow for much higher speeds? It's already pretty fast, but I don't think it's going to be a modern hardware limitation is it? I want like hyperspace fast if it's possible.


how hard would it be to add in?

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In my opinion, even at the highest speed the game starts to lag quite a lot, so it very much has to do with performance issues. Factor in the fact that large parks require even more processes happening at once on the screen and it'll be almost unplayable if speeds were increased to "hyperspace fast".

I don't think it's hard to implement at all, just a choice the developers made based on practicality. You're very much welcome to post a feature request for faster game speeds if you'd like right here. Or, you can pitch the idea less formally on either of these chats:

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There are 4 extra (faster) game speeds in the game (the fastest speed makes 2 years pass every minute, which should be more than enough). The last one is already faster than my gaming laptop can handle in a large park. To check, enable the fps counter in the options menu, change the game speed and watch it drop below 40. I'd like to see a screenshot at the fastest speed with 40 fps on the six flags magic mountain scenario (mine drops to 12 there, and down to 5 on the second group park). Or even better, disable the fps limit to see if there's room for improvement.

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