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Roto Drop Orignal Bug

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I have looked around and could not find anything about this.

I think the Roto Drop Intensity Rating is calculated wrong (calculated by ride length, thinking its drop length).

A Roto Drop should be able to go to about 300 ft IRL.  However the game makes the ride un-rideable past a 170ft drop which is very low for a drop ride.


I have attached an image showing what I mean.

It appears the ride intensity is set thinking the 'ride length" is the "drop" length. 

 In the screen shot the 170ft drop ride has a ride length of 315ft and an intensity of 9.64.  That is right where you would expect a drop ride to max out 315ft.

 In the screen shot the 300ft drop ride has a ride length of 561ft and an intensity of 14.44.  That is a rating I would expect from a drop ride of 561ft.


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The problem is that the brake run is the same length no matter how tall you build the ride. A drop ride ought to be able to handle 400+ ft easily but it needs a longer brake run than that to avoid excessive G forces (even though G forces aren't shown in the stats window for this ride you can see the massive spike if you look at the graph). I think it would be nice if the Intamin drop tower had brake pieces as well as normal pieces (though this would require a new save format). That would allow you to give taller rides longer brake runs, and you could also use it to create a "fake-out drop" like on Blue Fall (I think this is the only one that has it though, and it's a different model of ride to the one in the game).

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