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Strange Train Merge Bug

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So I was trying to make a B&M Dive Coaster with long trains, and I came across this: 


As you might be able to see, two of the trains have become one. (I'm talking about the part where there appears to be a train with multiple different colors for one section; that's the fused train pair; the black and white one.) I made the two trains different colors so that I didn't have to add a second picture, and so that it would be easier to see (kinda-ish maybe). I have the train length at the minimum that will cause the trains to be merged. The third train appears under the main drop that is hardly in view; it would be on the flat section before the small steep drop. (If you can see the block brake, you'll have an easier time understanding where that is.)

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When a ride is running in block sectioned mode, the trains will spawn at each block section. If the block brakes are more closely spaced than the trains are long, then they overlap like this. Sometimes they will move apart if you let the ride run, and sometimes you have a train spanning two blocks, which prevents the ride from ever moving. I'm not sure if that's what's happening here, but without seeing the ride run it's hard to tell.

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I'm not really looking for video of the ride running, more the SV6 file you used. It's hard to be sure exactly what the problem is if I can't reproduce it. But I have already observed that strange things happen when you mix long trains with block brakes - this sort of thing should almost be expected at the moment. I'd recommend saving your game before using cheats marked "unstable" for this reason.

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