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My first Track Pack

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So I made I track pack of rides I built up to 3 years ago if any of you are interested please download the zip and please read the ReadMe. 

Also do not expect any scenery as I am very bad at it if there is any don't expect it to be good. And yes I understand that most of you can build better and more realistic rides than me.

Please look at some of the screen shots below. 


Ride Shown: Challenger (the Red Hyper)

Double Loop.png

Ride Shown: Double Loop (the Grey and orange ride)


Rats Nest.png  

Ride Shown: Rats Nest


The Great 8.png

Ride Shown: The Great 8 (how its in the red i don't know but I like the ride anyway)

Track pack 1(Kevdog3700).zip

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