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How about arm version?


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Hello I'm newbie of OpenRCT2 forum.


But, I played RCT1~ before 15 years. So, I amaze this project. thanks Yours.

I using Ubuntu. So, I love game of linux version. But, Why support only for x86? How about support for arm linux(alike raspberry pi or Odroid)? This game is masterpiece of Tycoon GAME.


And, I found OpenTTD for Android by pelya https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.openttd.sdl&hl=ko

He has github of XorgSDL for Android. So, OpenRCT2 can run on Android when run on arm linux, Some say that "If you want that, Make it" However, I think that it is need help for us.


OpenRCT is as similarity as OpenTTD. So, I wish OpenRCT2 for Android or Armhf.


Sorry for my bad english.

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When we say we can only provide x86 binaries it means we can only provide them because of technical limitations. Source can be compiled for any little-endian, 32 bit arch, but there will be pieces missing. When we can, we will provide other builds.

Please do some research before you post.

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