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Locking up when using Launcher

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I don't know if this is a bug or not.

I started using the Launcher program to run the game because I didn't want to miss any new stable downloads.

Here is the problem once the game starts, let's say you want to modify a coaster by adding scenery to it. You load trainer and select the coaster, as long you keep using it (doing anything) it runs fine. However lets say you get a phone call and have to leave the game (either paused or just setting idle) if you are gone for more than 5 minutes when you come back it will let you save the coaster and save the trainer, but if you try and load a new game from the menu it locks up and you either wait for the processor to tell you it has a problem and close the game (Windows 7) or you go to the Task Manager and stop the game.

This does NOT happen if you start the game not using the launcher.

Enclosed is a dump file that was created.

Also it is a real pain to have to open the options menu and make changes every time you run via launcher.


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