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Train Cheat File

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First of all, the train length limit is set into the coding of the game. It simply cannot be "put into a file" which is added to OpenRCT2.

Second of all, there are already 2 treads in the forums discussing this.

Next time, try looking through the forums to see if your question has been posted in the past.

As for the "train cheat file," @X7123M3-256 is working on a cheat to do this. He has posted it on gitub (as explained in both threads). It can be found here, though I do not recommend that you do not use it as it is unstable and can cause compatibility issues in multiplayer.

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Like YoloSweggLord says, you cannot install cheats by adding a file to the OpenRCT2 folder, implementing a cheat requires modifying the existing code.
I have already implemented a cheat for changing train length. It has not been merged into the main develop branch, so if you want to use it you need to use that version instead of develop for the time being. Note that using that cheat will leave you unable to connect to multiplayer servers - please don't change the network version to circumvent this as you might cause problems for other clients.


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