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My Modified Multiplayer Six Flags Park (4/1/2016)

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Hey guys, I am here to share pictures of my multiplayer park from Friday.


The entrance to my park and my Hyper Twister Coaster which is colored blue and is named Funjamaja. Notice that you can see Mr. Bones from Joel's video.


Excitement Rating: 8.19 Very High

Intensity Rating: 5.95 High

Nausea Rating: 3.35 Medium


My BlueTron coaster.

Excitement Rating: 8.52 Very High

Intensity Rating: 8.10 Very High

Nausea Rating: 5.18 High


SomeGuyOutThere's Shitty Meme Xperience Ride

Excitement Rating: 7.51 High

Intensity Rating: 7.05 High

Nausea Rating: 3.73 Medium



A large swimming pool build by Kola_97 and VonRollin's Birthday Train

Birthday Train by VonRollin

Excitement Rating: 6.60 High

Intensity Rating: 6.40 High

Nausea Rating: 4.15  Medium


Reaver by VonRollin

Excitement Rating: 6.82 High

Intensity Rating: 4.72 Medium

Nausea Rating: 2.65 Medium


Ethan Badberry by SomeGuyOutThere

Excitement Rating: 8.91 Very High

Intensity Rating: 6.63 High

Nausea Rating: 4.23 Medium


The Winner is Colombia by SomeGuyOutThere

Excitement Rating: 5.52 High

Intensity Rating: 6.23 High

Nausea Rating: 2.65 Medium


Swedish Racing Green & Urban Racing Red


Swedish Racing Green Ratings:

Excitement Rating: 9.68 Very High

Intensity Rating: 6.01 High

Nausea Rating: 3.63 Medium


Urban Racing Red Ratings:

Excitement Rating: 9.14 Very High

Intensity Rating: 5.86 High

Nausea Rating: 3.40 Medium

20160402134515_1.jpgMcDonald's Area


Fuji Queue by Reak

Excitement Rating: 8.05 Very High

Intensity Rating: 7.38 High

Nausea Rating: 3.83 Medium


Midnight by CedarFair16

Excitement Rating: 7.87 Very High

Intensity Rating: 8.41 Very High

Nausea Rating: 4.62 Medium


SnakeRiverFalls by VonRollin

Excitement Rating: 5.06 Medium

Intensity Rating: 2.49 Low

Nausea Rating: 1.22 Low



Excitement Rating: 7.46 High

Intensity Rating: 6.78 High

Nausea Rating: 3.74 Medium


I would like to thank all of people who played and built successful rides in my server on April Fool's Day. If you want to know when my server is up and would like to play and build great rides in my server, feel free to join my Steam group for notifications if my server is up and would like to check out more of my group pictures here.



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Added more screenshots (4/4/2016)
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