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Hey Guys & Gals ;D

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Hello Everyone!


I've just recently discovered this AWESOME project - im super stoked to see what this team can achieve with this game! I really loved playing RCT2 since it originally came out back in 2002 ;D

Being a fan of the OpenTTD project, this is really exciting to me. While RCT2 runs -good- on modern hardware it would be so incredible to see what is REALLY possible with a dedicated & capable team of ppl. I hope you guys make this game greater than ever before -> and if the Multiplayer is any indication of your ideas and commitment, there are rly, rly awesome times ahead of us!
Thank you so far for what has been made and keep on the good work!

Regards from Germany
- Nico


PS: I'm not sure if there is anything I can do to help, surely there are plenty others already lining up - but if there are some logos to design, websites to style or even if there is some text that needs to be translated - i'm always happy to help! Especially if the project is anything like this one ^-^'

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