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17 hours ago, SensualEthiopianPolice said:

give me praise goddammit!

Since you asked for it, I won't. :P  Parks should be built because they are (meant to be) good, not to get any praise from others.

Footprints of most coasters seem to be too big to be of any use in other parks, nor do they have outstanding scenery (only station buildings, which are good). If I had that much free space in a park I'd rather build one myself, can't be that hard.

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I think that separately, each coaster has a nice layout and a good sense of realism, but as a park, the coasters just don't seem to function. In some spaces they look cluttered together, which is unfortunate. Though you do have a nice amount of scenery work between the coasters, I feel like the coasters themselves need a bit of help.

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